Leadership is...

Leadership is.. being able to translate the vision into REALITY, KNOWS the way, GOES the way, and SHOWS the way.
Our leadership team is a wonderful example of this. Dealing with the examples from scripture the first church to be built is themselves!
Anne Travis-Barker
Pastor & Founder
 “Take note of your Walk with Christ – has it grown?
A. Ray Gilbert
Head Deacon
As Head Deacon, responsibility of the church is key to Deacon Gilbert. 1 Tim. 3:8-13
Lynease Janneh
Minister of Music
As the Minister of Music, leading us into the presence of the Lord is something that Min. Janneh takes very seriously..
Mei L. Barker
Church Historian
In documentation and pictures, I’m recording the history of our growth as a body.
Donald R. Barker
Feast of Praise Administrator
As FoP Administrator, it’s my job to pray for the meeting, and stamp background decisions, ensuring that God is glorified!
Hattie M. Turner
Head Mother
Helping and guiding the people of the church can be interesting. Sometimes it’s as simple as stepping a lady through a recipe, talking to a man who is being abused, or being the grandmother to a child. 
Tonya Lewis
This is an opportunity to reach those that will never ask the questions in bible study, never come into the church, and allow them the anonymity to get the information about the God that loves them..
Mary Gilbert
Church Secretary
Communicating information coming into the church is the business of Deacon Mary Gilbert, and she is very conscientious.