How Do I Meet People and get involved?

Faith Tabernacle WORLD Ministries is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at Faith Tabernacle WORLD Ministries.


Children’s Church


Teen Girls

Teen Girls is a group of girls who manage to work with the Pastor and the Mother’s Board and still have fun. Mentoring is a big part of what happens with this group. This duo has a unique way of taking the oddest things and making a lesson of it. How does a trip to See’s Candy equate to a lesson about taking care of yourself?

Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder department is the young men’s auxiliary of the church. The scripture requires us to go and develop individuals for the kingdom of God. It is essential that we cover the ongoing challenges of today’s young men, drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs. Moving them from children to adulthood requiring a stage by stage program. In order to win them, we must instill several things; G-d, and His ways, Education (The Great Equalizer), and Self Worth. Pray for our success!

 Youth Department

An explosive group of teens learning about Jesus, themselves and their responsibilities.  Meets on a regular basis to develop ‘positive self-images’ with accountability and discipline.  These young people are “learning by doing.”  They participate in the holiday feeding program, and other community services throughout the year.

 Young Adults

This group builds upon a strong foundation through the power of the Word, praise and worship. Their goal is to reach other youth and young adults on the streets and in the community. Meets on a regular basis to network and prepare for future professional careers. We believe that higher education is an essential part of the believer’s life.  It equips us to achieve and reach goals our heavenly Father intended us to obtain.  Outstanding grades and accomplishments are acknowledged and rewarded at Faith Tabernacle.

Women’s Group

Women are the hardest working people I know. Their work is never complete because after working eight hours a day, they go home to cook, clean, and entertain. How do we as leaders reach them with a relevant and applicable message? Is there some place (besides the Spa), where they can go and someone address their needs? Someone will listen? The Women’s Group at Faith Tabernacle has specifically designed a program for just that woman. Let’s Get Away!

Men’s Accountability Group

Training our men to take their rightful place in the home and community by getting together for bible studies, fellowship and a little basketball.  Their annual conference is in May.  The Brotherhood attend the Annual Promise Keeper’s Convention in the Kingdome and return with renewed rededication to be Men of God.  They have also started a local chapter, which meets weekly for prayer, praise and worship and to continue the study Promise Keeper’s started.

Married Couples

Get togethers at a variety of places, including each other’s homes, providing fellowship for the married couples.  Focused on building strong, loving and Christ-centered relationships by attending seminars, viewing films and reading literature on marriage.


Encouraging individuals to live up to their fullest potential, to be happy and complete in their present state.  Strives to engage in numerous fellowships (theatre, ballet, sporting events) in an endeavor to represent Christ in all aspects of their life.